Funerals in Church

Our three churches offer a sacred space with beauty and tranquillity for Funeral Services to be held in the presence of God. A funeral in church allows time to give thanks for a life, to pray for those whom we love but see no longer, and to pray for ourselves as we seek God’s comfort as we mourn someone whom we loved. Please contact the Vicar to discuss arrangements or contact your Funeral Director.

Funerals at the Crematorium

If you would prefer to say farewell to a loved one at a Crematorium, the Ministry Team are very happy to take a Church of England funeral at any of the local Crematoria. We offer space and personally tailored services within the Christian tradition to give thanks, remember, and say farewell with dignity and warmth. Please contact the Vicar to discuss arrangements or contact your Funeral Director.

Planning a Funeral Service

By giving thanks to God for the life of someone close, we can find comfort even in a time of distress. For some people, planning a funeral service with family and friends can help with the grieving process, but if you are not sure how you would like the funeral to run, please speak to the Vicar or a member of the Ministry Team, as they will be very happy to help you to choose suitable readings, hymns, and prayers.

If the minister did not know your loved one well, it will help them to talk with you to build up a picture of the person’s life.

There is a useful guide to funeral services on the Church of England website which addresses some common questions. 


Every funeral is tailored to the specific requests of a family or the wishes of the deceased. Music requests vary from CD music including Pop, Classical, Rock, and Opera; Organ music; Hymns; and live instrumental music. Please discuss your musical choices with the Minister leading your service. Our churches have PA systems, an organ and often a piano.

Burial of Ashes in our Garden of Remembrance

If you or your loved one has a connection with the Parish of Boxmoor their remains may be interred in our Garden of Remembrance at St John’s. These services are by arrangement. Please contact the Vicar or Parish Office to arrange a Service.

Our Garden of Remembrance was established in the 1960s with the understanding that interments were to be as natural as possible: cremated remains are poured into the ground, not placed in a casket; no memorial stone is placed but rather the grass returned; cut flowers maybe placed on the burial place but not plants or objects.

We try to keep the Garden in good order as a sign or respect for those interred and to encourage relatives to come and visit. We remove dead flowers on a regular basis.


The fee for a Funeral in Church, including organist, for 2024 is £438.

The fee for a Funeral at a Crematorium for 2024 is £243.

Interment of ashes in Garden of Remembrance £272.

These Fees are set by the National Church and include organist where appropriate.

Bereavement Visits

The loss of a loved one is a monumental change in one’s life. Grief takes many forms and is different for each of us. In the initial period after the death of a loved one there is so much to do and organise that there is often no time to grieve. As the weeks and months pass a new pattern of living emerges and family and friends return to their everyday routines. It is very easy to feel isolated of forgotten. Consequently, we endeavour to contact every family within 3 months of a funeral to give support, a listening ear, and to offer friendly groups to attend.

We will also invite each family to our Annual Memorial Service in November as their loved one’s name is read out and candles are lit in remembrance. Loved ones are also remembered in our prayers on the Sunday prior to their anniversary of death during the main Parish Eucharist.