Who’s Who?

Ministry Team

The Vicar

The Reverend Michael Macey

Email: vicar@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Tel: 01442 243258

Parish Lay Reader

Mrs Carole Lewis

Contact details: C/O Parish Office

Parish Office

Parish Administrator

Deniece Colley

Email: office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Tel: 01442 260299

St John’s Church, Station Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1JY

Church Officers


Mrs Marian Davies office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Mr Job Rombout office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Deputy Churchwardens

Ms Jo Fisher office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Mrs Rosie Shaw office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

PCC Treasurer

Mr Chris Angell pcctreasurer@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

PCC Secretary

Mr Nicholas King pccsecretary@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk


Baptism Co-ordinator

 Church Office office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Church Flowers

Mrs Julie Boyce office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Director of Music

Mr Keith Beniston directorofmusic@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Magazine editor

Ms Sally-Anne Bates magazine@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Newsletter editor

Parish Administrator  newsletter@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Tiny Tots Leader

Mrs Annie Mitchell office@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk

Website editor

Miss Stacey Barton webteam@stjohnsboxmoor.org.uk